Euan Findlater

Euan Findlater

General Manager & Personal Trainer


CrossFit Level 2 Certification


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

CrossFit Scaling and Judges Course

About Coach

Growing up in the U.K., I found a passion for playing soccer and rugby. After moving to Madison for high school, I played these sports at the varsity level all four years and represented Wisconsin for rugby at the national level. To maximize my athletic performance, I began lifting and conditioning with teammates - leading these practices as the captain. In university, I directed my passion in another way, by leading others as the assistant soccer coach for both the girls and the boys’ varsity programs at my old high school. I thrive off the camaraderie and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with playing a sport in a team environment and helping others thrive. That is one of the main reasons why I find CrossFit and the community here at CFMOJO so amazing: because it allows me to build friendships as we push ourselves to accomplish health and fitness goals together. On the personal side, health and fitness, specifically CrossFit and Personal Training, have helped me to build important life values such as mental and physical resilience, self-acceptance and self-confidence, leadership, as well as an unwavering determination to help others become as healthy, fit and happy as they can be.

Turning Point

Finding CrossFit and having a Personal Trainer who truly cared for me, turned my life around. It allowed me to fight and overcome some personal challenges that included being extremely underweight and having a disordered mindset around health. From this experience, I now know how vital it is to have a healthy lifestyle that understands and includes fitness, nutritional awareness, happiness, and the support of friendships. A little bit better each day, in everything we do, is what I strive for, and is what I encourage others to strive for too.

Motivation & Passion

My goal as a coach and personal trainer is to help others overcome their own life hurdles and to help them smash their own goals as they become healthier fitter, and happier every day. I love what I do. And I love being a part of the CFMOJO community. Together, we truly make every day special, as we thrive in building each other up physically and mentally, both inside and outside the gym. I’ve never been healthier, fitter, or happier: I want everyone to feel the same.

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